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Hydrogen Hubs
for Cities

City governments have their own challenges with ageing electric grids and hyper inflation of fuels for fleets of city vehicles or electricity to power infrastructure.  NovaSpark has a 100% Green H2 solution that can quickly be stood up in urban areas that can supply both the energy needed for public infrastructure and for hydrogen fuels to power fleets of vehicles. 


Government can avoid costly and timely grid delays by leveraging green hydrogen and fuel cells by NovaSpark which enables the deployment of EV charging while often improving emissions associated with a charge. Because NovaSpark is independent from the grid, EV charging stations can be placed where the drivers for city and federal governments need them. 

Image by Michael Fousert
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NovaSpark H2 fueling a hydrogen FCV is similar to refilling your gas tank. Simply attach a nozzle from a NovaSpark H2 dispenser at a public station and fill up the tank. The refueling times are similar to gasoline: FCVs can be refueled in as little as 5 minutes.  Some FCVs can get over 300 miles on one tank of hydrogen fuel —  greater than the distance from St. Louis to Chicago — and fuel economy close to 70 MPGe (miles per gasoline gallon equivalent).


NovaSpark Hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity from oxygen and hydrogen. These electrochemical cells generate only water vapor so it is considered as environment friendly. Fuel cells are used in spacecrafts, remote weather stations and submarines. When in liquid form, it is used as rocket fuel.  The possibilities for using H2 is virtually endless for governments around the globe and in the long run is a much more equitable investment.  If you want to be a hero to your city, county or federal government then invest into NovaSpark H2!

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