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Project Genesis

Project Genesis

Lunar Energy Systems

Pioneering Power for Moon Missions

NovaSpark Energy is at the forefront of extraterrestrial innovation, introducing our integrated energy systems for lunar missions. Our advanced hydrogen generators and nickel-hydrogen battery technology are engineered to overcome the challenges of the Moon’s environment, providing reliable and sustainable power solutions along with the genesis system of supplying oxygen & drinking water.

Harnessing Lunar Resources

Water Electrolysis

With the potential presence of water in the form of ice at the lunar poles, our hydrogen generators are designed to efficiently electrolyze this vital resource, producing oxygen for life support and hydrogen for fuel and energy storage. Using cutting edge methods involving plasma allow tor maximum efficiency to be achieved.

Nickel-Hydrogen Batteries

Our nickel-hydrogen batteries, proven in satellite applications, are uniquely suited to the lunar conditions. They provide long-lasting energy storage, ensuring a continuous power supply during the extended lunar nights and in shadowed craters.

Regenerative Power Cycle

The synergy between our hydrogen generators and nickel-hydrogen batteries creates a regenerative power cycle that maximizes resource efficiency on the Moon. This cycle not only supports the power needs of lunar habitats but also contributes to the in-situ resource utilization critical for sustainable lunar exploration.

Advantages of NovaSpark Lunar Energy Solutions


Engineered for the harsh lunar environment, our systems are being tested for extreme temperatures and vacuum conditions, guaranteeing dependable performance.


By leveraging lunar resources, we minimize the dependency on Earth, paving the way for sustainable long-term missions and habitation on the Moon.


Our regenerative system ensures that every drop of water and ray of sunlight is utilized to its fullest potential, delivering unmatched energy efficiency.

Join the NovaSpark Mission

Be Part of the Next Giant Leap

NovaSpark Energy invites partners, investors, and pioneers to join us in our quest to power the lunar surface. Together, we can build the infrastructure needed to sustain human life and expand our horizons beyond Earth.

Rocket Launch

Accelerating Space Travel

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