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NovaSpark Technologies.  Building Energy Systems using Multiple Technologies. 

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Energy Management System

The NovaSpark Energy Management System offers hardware and software tools that can integrate any energy device into a unified energy network. With the NovaSpark Energy Management System you can create a comprehensive energy management system for commercial, industrial and modular systems of any size and complexity. The NovaSpark Energy Management System puts the tools for effective energy management in your hands.


The NovaSpark Energy Management System is helps to more easily manage operation objectives to ensure optimum equipment performance, yield the desired results and achieve sustainable energy goals. The platform is perfect for industrial projects with distributed energy easily letting you acquire, harmonize and receive data from heterogeneous components in distributed facilities, to enhance control and management solutions.

Communications Modules

NovaSpark comes with a communication module (IoT, UCM) for remote monitoring and control via our apps. Modules are also available for solar panels, batteries – you name it.  Our Telemetry Platform collects and unifies data from all devices, controls them automatically or on demand, and stores the data on premise or in a private/public cloud.

The app communicates with devices via the Intelligent Gateway, storing the data and providing real-time or on-demand data visualization on customizable dashboards.


When it comes to making Hydrogen, we use various types of electrolyzers and even have a method of creating hydrogen with methanol reformers.


Effortlessly create Green Hydrogen Energy with NovaSpark.  Where others make industrial engineering projects, we manufacture plug-and-play off grid green hydrogen energy products. We build NovaSpark with the most trusted and reliable components in the market starting with the newest AEM Electrolyzers available in the market today that unlock on-site hydrogen production for any use, at any scale.  NovaSpark uses AEM Electrolysers which are flexible green hydrogen building blocks. We take one modular electrolyzer, stack multiple modules or scale up production to megawatts with the ready-made AEM Multicore electrolyzer system. 


A Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzer is an advanced and highly efficient electrolysis technology that plays a vital role in the production of green hydrogen, a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source. Utilizing a solid polymer electrolyte, or proton exchange membrane, the PEM electrolyzer facilitates the conversion of water into hydrogen. 

Solid Oxide

A solid oxide electrolyzer cell (SOEC) is a solid oxide fuel cell that runs in regenerative mode to achieve the electrolysis of water by using a solid oxide, or ceramic, electrolyte to produce hydrogen gas and oxygen. The production of pure hydrogen is compelling because it is a clean fuel that can be stored, making it an alternative to batteries, methane, and other energy sources.

Hydra Rectifiers

Working together with trusted partners, the NovaSpark solution includes a Hydra rectifier, featuring a unique power converter technology. This provides an efficient and scalable solution for electrolyzers that is easily integrated and can be scaled up as a repeatable unit up to GW-scale capacity. The rectifier design has been optimized in entirety for the electrolysis of water using proven Prodrive Technologies power modules.​


Silicon Carbide-based converters improve efficiency, as well as AC and DC current quality, without the need for external filters. The input can be connected to any medium-voltage AC grid. The output supplies the DC voltage and current that the OEM or stack builder requires for their specific stack design. The Hydra is designed to inherently comply with grid codes, so external filters and compensation banks for incoming current are not needed.


The Hydra rectifier racks can be integrated into a containerized solution or on a skid, depending on customer requirements. The solution includes its own standalone liquid cooling system. The integrated solution is designed to maximize uptime by minimizing maintenance. This allows green power to be utilized 24/7,whenever it is available and reducing ongoing costs compared to air-cooled solutions.

Large Scale Power Generation with Hydrogen Fuel Cells

For energy customers and partners wanting to maximize their return on investment from renewables, provide continuous power, balance power over long durations, and generate zero-emission power, NovaSpark powered hydrogen fuel cells are the answer. Hydrogen fuel cells are a competitive solution for distributed power generation and critical infrastructure power.

Fuel cells are the most cost-effective solution for zero emission power generation for the following applications:

  • Power to Power:  Long duration energy storage for large scale renewable systems

  • Backup Power:  Standby power generation for data centers and other critical infrastructure during extended power outages

  • Distributed Generation:  Onsite power generation for off-grid commercial and industrial buildings, shore power and EV charging

The NovaSpark Quality Policy

Quality is the very most key element of the NovaSpark team. This drives all of our actions including the delivery of products and services guaranteed safe and compliant with the requirements of our customers and partners.

Quality is embedded into all levels of the NovaSpark solutions of course, with particular attention to our most powerful resource: the internal stakeholders, our employees!


We are committed to fostering the quality culture both within the company and regarding external stakeholders by applying our Quality Management System – to better develop, manufacture and provide high-quality products.

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